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Image Credits: Pulchra @ DeviantArt.com

I dream of days gone by
When moments would just fly
Its charm I won’t deny
And gravity I can’t defy
From the corner of your eye
You’d watch me touch the sky
I’d raise a hue and cry
But you wouldn’t breathe a sigh
There was no need to lie
We were so young and shy
You loved me… My oh my!
And on this, I was high…

In chill airs, you I smell
And all my fears I quell
From quandaries, I rebel
Cuz in my hopes you dwell
Soft chimes of a doorbell
I break out of my shell
In your arms, I revel
Clinging to you like gel
Enchanted by your spell
I hear my insides yell
You love me now as well
From your eyes, I can tell

My mind runs wild and free
And swims about in glee
While buzzing like a bee
And hugging an odd tree
There’s no reason to flee
For in love’s the way to be
I’m on this frenzied spree
And it doesn’t cost a fee
Sweet you are to me
Like candy or honey
In your deep eyes I see
You’ll still keep loving me

**Posted for this week’s One Shot Wednesday hosted by Claudia… Please do check out the lovely poetic offerings made here… It’s a certain delight! **