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This wee passing boat
Paints a lacy trail
Leaving me to think
Of a moment frail…
If only I’d seen
what that did entail

Birds are soaring high
Crying with delight
Taking me way back
To a glorious night…
If only I’d heard
My own sighs of fright

Forceful roaring waves
Lash out like a whip
My sweet memories
Left at sea to strip…
If only I’d felt
Tightness of its grip

Fragrances surround
Of a scented rose
Cause a smile to form
On my lips morose…
If only I’d sensed
Toxic overdose

This reflected light
Bouncing off the side
Causing me to squint
Into a recess wide…
If only I’d stayed
Untouched as a bride

*~*Posted for One Shot Wednesday, hosted this week by Pete Marshal… And while you are here, please do check out the amazing poems by other poets as well… You will not be disappointed!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy… *~*

*** Also posted for Leo’s Z-A Challenge – letter L( for Lifetime)… This is quite a fun challenge… trust me!!! ***