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Image credits: Photobucket.com

Ecstatic with clean joy
Singing some happy tune
Light heart ready to buoy
Up to a smiling moon

This sudden pang of love
Drives me madly frantic
With warm rainbows above
I’m on trips romantic

But somewhere down the road
A fear of loss set in
It built a fine abode
Put my mind to chagrin

A wicked fury raw
Now boils, just to fester
This low volcanic gnaw
Makes peace hard to muster

Eruptions of stale bile
Stark nauseating green
Make way for feelings vile
Invoke desires mean

After some moments dark
Dejection found its way
It’s no walk in the park
On this cold gloomy day

**Posted for Monday Poetry Potluck hosted by Amanda and yours truly, and for the Z-A Challenge (letter M) hosted by Leo… Please do check out the lovely creative takes by the other poets at these poetic hubs!! You’ll love them all!! :)**