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Bookstains Challenge - Picasso Weeping Woman

Reflecting as I cry
While pressing to deny
All charges slumped on me
That scare and horrify
I strain to nullify

Inside a glacial tear
Safe is the gnawing fear
‘Cause I’d want none to see
Those lies I buried here
Incisive as the spear

Without a rue, I preyed
Away from paths, I strayed
Ne’er pausing for some breath
I sinned and then I prayed
As smoothly, I betrayed

Here I’m feeling faint
Drenched in hues of paint
As you draw me on your sheet
And spit on me this taint
To you I’m not a saint

So now I swim in shame
Where I’d wished for fame
Breathe out a frozen whimper
With no thought or no aim
Failing to make a name

***I posted this for the amazing Poetry Challenge at Bookstains! You’ve GOT TO check it out!!! ***