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Image credits - DeviantArt.com

Oh.. your gaze
Has me in a daze
Sets senses ablaze
In a perplexing maze

Oh.. your smile
Leaving me senile
Of no intention vile
Making me feel servile

Oh.. your touch
It’s just too much
Racing heart I clutch
It invokes feelings such

Oh.. your dream
Like a fluid stream
Musical it may seem
Making tired eyes gleam

Oh.. your devotion
It arouses my emotion
Leaves me with no notion
And works like magic potion

Oh.. your openness
Serves like a harness
On my willing awareness
Towards this togetherness

Oh.. your intensity
The ferocious audacity
Drives my keen propensity
Towards your endless capacity

Oh.. your expression
It allows no digression
Makes a strong impression
Now has me in its possession

Oh.. your persistence
This impactful insistence
Questions my very existence
And it shatters all my resistance

**Written for One Shot Wednesday, hosted this week by Brian Miller… Do check out the other creative outpourings here… :)**