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Image credits: Photobucket.com

Festive is the mood
Crackers bursting, smiles floating
Not the time to brood

Aromas adrift
Tastebuds tickled by sweet treats
All senses too swift

Celebrating life
Joys and cheers spread across
Forgotten is strife

Earthen lamps flicker
Lining doors and windows tall
Stars indoors glitter

Glowing completely
Homes, bodies and hearts alike
Happy Diwali!

**A 55-word (Haiku’d up!) late entry for Thursday Poets Rally!! πŸ™‚ **

*** For those absolutely clueless on what Diwali is all about, well, it is THE festival for Hindus, as far as I know! It’s also called the Festival of Lights. It is a 5-day festival, each day having its own significance ofcourse. It has a whole lot of mythological/historical background to it. But when I think of Diwali, I can think of extensive house cleaning (ugghh), decorating the entire house with ornate teensy mud lamps (Diwa of Diwali = a row of lights), buying and wearing new clothes (yaayy!), and distributing AND consuming lots of sweets/goodies (yummyy)! And last but definitely not the least, to those insensitive to smoke and noise (count me out!), Diwali is ALL about bursting crackers (tons of ’em)! ***