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Image Credits: Willow Manor @ Magpie Tales

I was snoozing like a child
Picking up berries wild
I then turned to my side
Letting slumber take a slide

Now half asleep and groggy
It appeared all too foggy
Yet I saw him standing there
Sir Rooster, in mid-air

A broken crown he wore
No no! This was no lore
I rubbed my eyes and gawked
Right past me, he had walked

How he made it to my window
Till now, I do not know
I thought it was a dream
And choked back on my scream

He strutted, but didn’t crow
Way east, sun did not glow
I guessed it still ain’t dawn
Snuggled and gave a yawn

I soon forgot the bird
It was now but just a word
I was back in wonder space
Weaving reveries in lace…


**Written for Magpie Tales, hosted by Willow! πŸ™‚ Do take a peek at the other creative writes as well… **