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Yon are masks that terrify
Yellings loud that petrify
You try so hard to pacify
Yet don’t seem to mollify

Yaks and beasts big and hairy
Yanked and pulled by fiends scary
Yokels and clowns not too wary
Yearn to see a sweet fairy

Yellowed eyes one can’t deny
Yowling into midnight sky
Yielding to the savage cry
Yawing with the winds awry

Yearly rites ere All Saints’ Day
Yards adorned with cobwebs grey
Yin’s allowed to have her say
Yang leaps forth, he has to stay

Yeasty folk, some bold some shy
Young and old with smiles too wry
Yirding corpses while witches fly
Yen for this year to go by

Happy (belated) Halloween to all! ๐Ÿ™‚

**Posted for Poetry Potluck (theme – Halloween) at Jingle Poetry! You’ve GOT TO read what the others have posted here**

*** Also posted for the Z to A Challenge (letter Y) at Leonnyes‘s blog! This is super interesting! Check it out… ***