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It started with just some pride
And vanity on the side
Then arose the lust to grow
In whose name began this show

Right ahead, envy emerged
Clouds of green billowed and surged
Joined hands with greed for more
And made the mind numb yet sore

Weapons were now used and blunt
Anger assumed the bleeding front
Took whatever came to view
Usurped it all, glutton anew

Finally, when all was done
This war lost, down came the gun
Sloth took over, killed the charm
This sinful life ended in calm

***After a hiatus that seemed like forever, I AM BACK with this teensy contribution towards Poetry Potluck!!! No sloth for me please… πŸ™‚ I am off to read the sinfully yummy stuff posted here!! ***

****A HUGE THANK YOU for all your kind wishes that you’ve been leaving on my site all this while during my absence from Blogosphere… I shall be replying to all my well-wishers, and visiting and commenting too… CANNOT WAIT ANY LONGER…. YESSS!!! Maybe they should add “impatience” as the eight sin… πŸ™‚ ****