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Groping about in dungeons dark
Crowded by tears, I found no spark
Tornadoes swept across my face
From muck and dirt, I had to race

I wish I had my lantern here
The tunnel’s end would then seem near
I knew it hung against the air
While I just sank in deep despair

Hands clasped together, wet and cold
I felt a jut within some fold
My eyes shone at what I had found
This match had made my world go round

A tiny flame then cleared my view
The breeze now smelt so fresh and new
This tide had ebbed, my fears had gone
And Earth now faced a glowing dawn

Reflective thoughts then flowed like blood
Fire may burn, water may flood
Gravel may slide, and air may whine
Despite it all, we rise and shine


** I wrote this for Magpie Tales and Poetry Potluck… Please do check out the other amazing creative writes at both these places… There is abundant talent here!!! **