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Oh Soul of Radiance
Friend of the stars
You fill the dark sky
Oh light of my life
Fight your wars with your head held high
May your renown spread upwards to the sky
I call to you
Please come to me
To hold me close
Your voice in a chant
Raise your sword to those cruel and vile
Slay the monsters, go employ your guile
I will sing this song
To your loving soul
For to lift your heart
And keep you from fear
Lift your bow and may the arrow release
Manoeuver your dagger with deft and ease
There is no danger
A lantern to steer
To show you the way
And let in the light
And while you are gone, I await your return
You defend your pride, as I sit here and burn

**This poem is a joint effort by Amanda and myself, forย Monday Poetry Potluck atย Jingle Poetry… I loved writing this with her! It was a real fun experience! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks Mandy!!!**

***And my dear readers, please do take the time to check out the other amazing creative treats brought to the Potluck… And if you feel tempted to submit a poem or 3, PLEASE DO SO!! We would LOVE to read ’em!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ***