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Time had slid right by
Like sand slipping through fingers
She did not know how.
Harder she tried to hold tight
Faster did it seem to slide

Now sitting, wishing
She were shaped as the hourglass
But knowing better.
It is blood that flows through her
Not fine and pure as that sand

But time is relived
Like this sandglass turned over
Up to down it flows
Deeds not undone, but redone
These grains trickling once again

** I wrote this (rhymefree – rare for me)Β Tanka triplet(my first ever!) for Magpie Tales, hosted by Willow… Please do check out the other amazing creative takes on the prompt here… **

***Please accept my humble apologies for not visiting/commenting on your blogs very frequently in the past few days. I have my in-laws visiting us, and time seems to be in a real hurry to catch some elusive train! And this will go on till October 19th!! Till then, please bear with me and my scanty comments :(… I do and will make it a point to hop on to your blogs whenever I can [am too blogaddicted to stop that :)]. And of course, along with my dear friend and ever helpful partner Amanda, I will continue to host the Monday Poetry Potluck at Jingle Poetry).. Thank you all so much for understanding! I love you, my dear friends!! Hugs and kisses..***

Here is my acceptance poem for The Perfect Poet Award – week 28…

Thank you for everything, my sweetΒ Jingle… and a HUGE Thank you to all my blogging friends….

My joys know no bounds
Overflowing like rivers
Dancing all the way

I would like to nominate our truly amazing Riika for the next week’s perfect poet award! She rocks! πŸ™‚