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Image credits: Photobucket.com

The gates have shut
Walls have risen
Kicked in the gut
In this mindless prison

I feel remorse… I confess

Bound and gagged
Chained and beaten
My body dragged
And soul all eaten

I am punished… I bear

No ounce of scope
For my release
Within, I mope
While on my knees

I need freedom… I escape

Surrounded by sea
But I can’t swim
Hopes to be free
Are very dim

I feel challenged… I try

This menacing ray
Filling my cell
Sounding too gray
Like a resounding knell

I am afraid… I craze

I’ve tried to run
But all in vain
Faced by a gun
I’m trapped again

I feel helpless… I fail

Now none to bait
Nothing to pry
So I lie in wait
To rot and die

I give in… I finally give up…

**Posted forย One Shot Wednesday, hosted this week by Adam Dustus. I also recommend you to visit the other amazing poets here as well… You will not regret it.. :)**