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Image Credits: Willow Manor at Magpie Tales

Winds were howling
Trees were scowling
He could sense the pain
Then he heard it again

“Sshhh… don’t be afraid…”

Swallowed in sweat
Feeling cold and wet
He was looking all around
Feet barely touching ground

“Sshhh… don’t be afraid…”

He then sat huddled
Thoughts were muddled
In this shadowed house
He felt like a mouse

“Sshhh… don’t be afraid…”

Shutting his eyes tight
And trembling in fright
He thought he was choking
Then felt the slight poking

“Sshhh… don’t be afraid…”

With a start he awoke
Heard Mom as she spoke
Her eyes, a melting brown
As she straightened his frown

And she said, “Sshhh… don’t be afraid…”

The nightmare now gone
With this brand new dawn
But he knew what held his fear
Vacation’s over, school’s almost here…

But she was saying, “Sshhh… don’t be afraid…”

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