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Come on, my dear, rest on me
For I’m as plush as can be
Repose upon my fibres soft
Soon I shall take you aloft

Now that you’re here and perched
Pardon me if I lurched
I have begun this jolly ride
‘Tween white clouds, you will hide

Farewell to ground have been bade
My oh my! Are you afraid?
Please trust me, do not worry
For I will be in no hurry

This smooth drift in mid-air
Wind blowing through your hair
For your face lit with smiles
I could fly a million miles

Tell me when you want to land
I’ll guide you, just hold my hand
Back to earth, here we are
My love, on you, I’ll leave no scar

I hope you had a lovely time
For this, from you, I’ll take no dime
Come to me whenever you wish
Off we’ll go, to skies we’ll swish…

** The above poem is my entry for Jingle’s Thursday Poets Rally – Week 27**

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Jingle, and all my fellow-poets here at the Rally, for this amazing award. Without your love and support, it simply wouldn’t have been possible…
Thanks for this lovely magical carpet… Come on and ride it with me… Let’s go see all the beautiful places we’ve ever wanted to, together… πŸ™‚