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A seething bright flame
Of rich orange and red
Up now, is my game
Helpless, I fall on bed

I twitch, cringe and frown
Shut my eyes for a while
In this fire I drown
Towards it, I’m servile

Trying hard to think
Of ideas light and mild
Driven to the brink
Of a world, mad and wild

I look ’round in vain
In search of just some hope
Knowing I’m in pain
Left me with not much scope

This white hot feeling
Off me, I cannot shake
So I plead, kneeling
God! Stop this damn headache!!

**This is my contribution for One Shot Wednesday, hosted by Leslie Moon (aka Moondustwriter) this week… Please do check out the amazing posts here by the other poets as well… **

***Image credits: Photobucket.com***