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Looking into your hazel eyes so deep
I know your love is for me to keep

Hold me with your tight embrace
I know it’s real, my pulse is on a race

Feel my skin , dancing to your touch
This sense of mine reflecting so much

The melody of love bursting out wild
These passions that float, are never mild

Breathe sweet nothings into my ear
While you’re with me, I feel no fear

Let’s dance to this tune here and now
Let’s sing to the world, and take a bow

For as long as we can sail together
This vast ocean seems gentle as a feather

**About a month back, I had taken up aΒ free flow poetry challenge thrown by Richard North of The Arts Web Show. The challenge was to write whatever came to your mind when listening to a particular piece of music… no editing, no correction…just write it! So I did it too, and the above poem was what resulted, in a matter of about 4 minutes of music playtime! I haven’t edited the poem since, except maybe capitalize the first letter of each line πŸ™‚ Anyway, the idea here is to just let go, and allow the mind and senses to take over… I really encourage and request EACH AND EVERY ONE ofΒ you to take up this challenge, and see what your mind can generate when set free… Today, I saw Jamie’s lovely post that had her response to this challenge, and I was reminded of mine!!! So I thought it would be a lovely idea to post this poem for One Shot Wednesday (hosted this week by Adam),Β so that my One Shot friends also have a go at this amazing challenge… My dearest Readers/Bloggers/Writers/Poets, please PLEASE check out both One Shot as well as the Free Flow Poetry Challenge! Once again, the details about the latter can be found by clicking here.. Have a great time! :)**