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He has the finest friend, a lovely Ms. Molly
She’s as old as he, always coughing and bending
But caring for her garden, her family they are
Her love for him and them has been never-ending

Each day she would quench his thirst with water
Carried him sweetly like he were her only child
Then together they went to greet the pretty greens
Wind whistling to this couple, and birds cooing wild

Plants welcomed them, with their spirited dance
Rewarded Ms. Molly with a sweet tomato and peach
The tallest of trees bowed graciously to say hi
Weeds tickled them proud, so deep was their reach

But today he sat there, in wait of Ms. Molly
A feeling in him, that the wait was in vain
Cuz he’d heard a thud inside, and then a whimper
And he knew that Ms. Molly was no more in pain

The breeze is not blowing, the birds are quiet
While he broods over the times he’d spent with her
What’s he to do, how’s he to go on
And as he ponders over, the greens weep and wither

**This is my contribution towards this week’s Magpie Tales hosted by Willow. The credit for this lovely image here goes to Willow ofcourse…. Please do check out the amazing works by the other writers/poets as well ***