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I’m bountiful in gems and gold
And guard your mirth and joy
I am reason for you to buoy
As life and treasure I hold

Colored arcs, they point to me
Where they end, I hide
Step up on this gleeful ride
These hues are yours to see

I am forever in your reach
Just open your eyes and look
Happiness ain’t trapped in a book
It laps, like waves on a beach

Gone are now these rainbows bright
Taking leprechauns along
I’m left behind, where I belong
In a haze of fading light

So now I am a hardened rock
Waiting in whole and part
For you to come, pierce my heart
With a key to this rusty lock

** My post for this week’s Magpie Tales hosted by Willow… Please do take the time to check out stories/poems by the other awesome writers as well…**

***Magpie photograph – courtesy Willow***