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From the deepest depths of my heart,
The darkest corners of my mind,
The deadliest pits of my stomach,
There came first a moan,
And then followed
A low, raspy voice

It whispered to me,
“You are too good
For this toxic
Dungeon of a world.
Spare yourself… Die…
If you go to Hell,
They’ll accept you with pride
And without a bribe.
If you go to Heaven,
They’ll welcome you with garlands
And ask for nothing in return.
If you are stuck in between,
One of them will soon see you
And will relieve you
Of your lesser misery – living.
But they’ll respect you
For having endured
That which we call Life,
And they, Death.
Or maybe worse…”

I listened,
listened and sobbed.
Sobbed hard.
Till I could feel no more,
Hear no more,
Bear no more.