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I build it up and hold a fire
And burn all night long
I acquiesce with grace, to your desire
And dance to a tuneless song

I drench this frail body in tears
And melt my flesh for you
I strip myself of all my fears
And do as you ask me to

I hiss and gently watch your eyes
As you are bending over me
I don’t attempt to hush my sighs
And tease you as you tease me

I lie awake and keep you warm
When you decide to sleep
I faint and fade in my calm
My strength isn’t to keep

I stay by you when morning dawns
And refuse to let go
I just am one among your pawns
Which you eventually throw…

**Written and posted for this week’s One Shot Wednesday hosted by Pete, atΒ One Stop Poetry… I request you to alsoΒ check out the amazing works Β by the other poets here… **