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He said it, I am just his echo
He meant it, I mean it ditto!

Yes, everyday is a rally
It brings us closer
Makes us pleasant and pally
And appreciate the other…

Cheers to Jingle for the Rally, Emmanuel for this amazing poem, and to all poets that make this Rally a rally! 🙂
Love you all…

Everyday is a rally! Everyday is a rally I just want to read from you hear what you have to say and where your muse had wandered to. Everyday is a rally it brings me much pleasure to know you will be here to share my point of view. Everyday is a rally keeping us together exchanging kind words through fine and stormy weather. Everyday is a rally oh! I just love everyday. Can you feel the feel I feel in writing this to you? Written in support of the Thursday Poets Rall … Read More

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