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Mr. Boredom says,
‘I am right by you whenever you tire of your daily chores’
Mr. Creativity says,
‘I whisper ideas into your ears, and open to you all doors’

Mr. Sadness says,
‘I fly to you when you’re alone, and hold hands when you’ve cried’
Mr. Confidence says,
‘I pat you on your back, and never let your spirits slide’

Mr. Impatience says,
‘I accompany you on long drives, and when you’re stuck at lights’
Mr. Composed says,
‘I protect your body and soul when you are surrounded by predatory kites’

Mr. Evil says,
‘I give you company whenever in you arises a doubt’
Mr. Cheer says,
‘I bring a grin to your face, everytime I see you pout’

Mr. Elevated Ego says,
‘I root for you when you are low, making sure you never flop’
Mr. Humility says,
‘I get you down to earth when you’re stuck hopelessly on a tree top’

And while I’m here, I sit and ponder
Over virtues of each and every one of them
And in the inners of my mind, I wonder
‘Which one is my true friend? Who is the real gem?’