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The moment I caught her sneakily cheating on that game
I knew we were to be two best and crazy friends forever
Like we are now, madder than ever!

The moment I heard the track on that old cassette player
I knew it was to be an all-time chartbuster
Like it has been, be it now or yesteryear!

The moment I first set foot on these grounds five years back,
I knew this was totally THE place to be for me
Like I feel even now, living in this people-sea!

The moment our eyes met in that office corridor as we crossed,
I knew we were to spend a lifetime together
Like we do now with each other!

The moment I read that book by that new author the other day
I knew it would get etched in many a mind across the world
Like it is now, and will probably continue to, in gold!

The moment I had my first Nutella crepe in that mega mall
I knew this HAD to get more popular than just be my favorite
Like it did today, with this store opening here, selling it!

So if something occurs at some point in my life time
Of which I might have ever had a passing thought,
It may actually be what I have always sought!

Strange are the ways… Keeps me hopeful though…