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It tells you among choices what’s best
You may use it when you are put to test
It grows on you throughout and forever
You will accept it, adopt it if you are clever

It makes you muse, reflect and remember
What you had once thrown into the smoldering ember
It directs you to go forth and douse
The flame that had once warmed your freezing house

It sets you free, helps forget
That which has you trapped in a treacherous net
It lets you step back and fetch
The little strand of memory that was once a wretch

It makes an impression with varied inks
Like on moist sandy shores, do your footprints
It then washes clean the stains
As the wave does, when from you it drains

It scurries like a frightened butterfly
When you wish it stayed longer and not be so shy
It seems to stick on like superglue
When all you cared for then was that it flew!

It is measured, dreaded and mocked
But can never be held back, controlled and locked
It is a dimension made of moving wall
Stolid and steady, even when tides rise and fall

It justifies every event small or large
And lends momentum for you to charge
It paces and continues to rule on
Unfaltering… long after you are gone