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How they appear so miniscule and tiny
While we are the ones that are really small

How they happily coexist in their world
While we strive in ours to keep our hands off each others’ throats

How they gently look at us, smile and tease us
While we look back at them with contempt, and wish… wish… and perish while still wishing

How they pride over and boast of their immaculate freedom
While we unendingly shrivel shamefaced, from our close-mindedness

How they brighten up the blackest of nights with their faint sparkle
While we spoil the sunniest of days with our dark tempers

How they are stationary, and yet appear to move
While we are constantly in motion, yet we feel the chains of stagnation tearing us apart

How they stay afloat in their vast universe with buoyancy and life
While we drown in our own oceans of desire

How they are content and self-sufficient
While we forever aspire to reach up to them and get them in our hands

Yet we are still here, and they are still there
Can this separation ever be erased?