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Consumed and clicked while in a lovely cafe in East Village

When morning finds its way
Into another day
My tea to me does say
“Girl, put your sleep away!”

Dear morning tea,
Without you, what would life be?!

With the noon sun on fire
Causing situations dire
Chill’d cola I desire
With it I’ll never tire

Dear Coke Zero,
Truly, you are my summer hero!

When I am glum and blue
Hot cocoa milk will do
And how, I have no clue
In a jiffy, I’m fresh and new!

Dear hot chocolate,
You make life rich as velvet

When the world is acting slick
It makes me feel so sick
I need a double kick
My milkshake does the trick

Dear mango shake,
A glass of you is like icing on the cake!

With friends when it’s time
To rest, party or dine
Some beer is just fine
To make this moment shine

Dear pale ale,
How you make us spin a tale!

Thirst quenchers of the world,
You may be warm or cold
But I am in your hold
And my heart to you I’ve sold

Dearest beverage,
I pronounce you “Elixir” for this age!!

**Posted for Thursday Poets Rally – week 48 **

Thank you, Jingle and fellow participants, for honoring me with the Perfect Poet award this week… I would like to nominate Eclipse as the Perfect Poet for Week 49… And with this, here is a little haiku from me, to you…

warm whispers reside
on summer leaves set adrift
hearts rejoice and sing