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This picture was clicked by from the top of the Empire State building

Like vivid stains of colored ink
On a dry sheet of black blotter
From far they look at me and blink
Awestruck, I look back and wonder
Will they last, or will they sink?

They hang around in the lanes dark
Like ghosts in a deserted town
They’re fireflies buzzing in a park
Giving specks of flickering hope
Shielding us fish from a vile shark

These messengers of midnight skies
Performing their daily rounds
Marked with zeal are their tries
As they aid a lone traveler walk
While to him, the world’s closed its eyes

They prowl about with utter pride
Their quiet footsteps laughing loud
A growing ferocity in each stride
They know they’re getting close
To the end of this enchanting ride

They cast holograms on waters deep
Dilating many a pupil as they glow
But this energy they’ll have to keep
And wait for the next dusk to fall
For it’s almost time for them to sleep

Slowly when the sun comes to sight
Spewing its gentle rays about
As another dawn puts darkness in plight
What becomes of these lurking creatures
These wandering illuminants of the night?

Here’s my opportunity to show how thankful I am to all of you that thought me worthy of the wonderful Celebrate Poet award… Thanks ALL!!!

like leaves that rustle
in the orange glow of Fall
words shape into hearts

Also, a huge THANKS for the Perfect Poet award!!! I would like to nominate EclipseΒ as the Perfect Poet for next week…