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When pensive I sit
Writing to vent
He watches my grit
Until I relent

Oh.. how patient he is!

My teacup he props
No matter how hot
On him if it slops
He yells at me not

Oh.. how considerate he is!

He helps me with zest
My trust he has earned
He puts in his best
Asks naught in return

Oh.. how giving he is!

I make him my drum
When cheery’s my day
But when I am glum
My fist finds him prey

Oh.. how uncomplaining he is!

I walk upto him
And stand by his side
He heeds to my whim
By day or by night

Oh.. how sympathetic he is!

“A plain coffee table”
He calls himself that
But people so noble
Are harder to catch

Oh.. how perfectly perfect he is!