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Image Credits: Me (for the photography) and Hubby (for being my model)

Holding a light, and guiding through
Paving ways, they throw a cue

That steady gaze; the knowing looks
Flipping leaves, of us helpless books

With dancing flames, they spill out fire
They burn me down; Like I were a pyre

A glance, a wink; a flash, a glare
Telling me things, no lips could dare

Sedate and grave; Unflinching calm
A force they bear; Loud as a storm

A sweep or two, of lashes dense
Making me melt, and matters tense

Wisdom, charm, and dreams that soar
Warmth and cool, they’ve these and more

Open or not, it is the same
When faced with them, peace shirks in shame

I dive into, those eyes so brown
Deeper than seas, yet I won’t drown…