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A friend to me since birth
We made an awesome pair
There never was a dearth
Of tenderness and care

To her was where I went
Whenever mom was cross
Us together meant
It’s time to show who’s boss!

Each weekend spent with her
Was one of pure fun
Then waiting for another
When Monday had begun

She pampered me all day
With treats and eatables
Kept homework cares at bay
With lores and fables

Market trips we made
Hand in hand we walked
The world around did fade
When we laughed and talked

From most cousins and more
I sure was her fave
This crown of pride I wear
Will cherish and will save

A year since she has left
On her journey to ‘beyond’
But there will be no cleft
In our magic bond

And while she now enjoys
Her view from up above
I bask and rejoice
In her everlasting love

So whenever none I see
To whom my heart to bare
I smile and tell to me
My grandma’s always there…