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No, I don’t want to be someone you have to look up to.
I don’t want to be your legal or personal adviser, albeit self-appointed.
I don’t want to be that sponge which promises to absorb everything, but is so tear-soaked that it threatens to drain its contents on you at the slightest touch.
I don’t want to be a guardian angel hovering over your head when you least need it.
I don’t want to be your creditor or your debtor – this ain’t no transaction anyway.
And I definitely don’t want to be remembered by you as the one your parents and friends approved of – or much worse, disapproved.

I want to be the face you’d want to look at, whenever you feel like.
I want to be your melody when you find noise all around.
I want to be the cushion you can rest your head on, when you are tired of treading rocky paths.
I want to be that silent bystander nearby when everybody you thought close suddenly seem distant.
I want to be sitting by you when you are in no mood of watching that beautiful sunset all alone.
I want to be the one with whom you can easily smile, the one who will shed a tear with you.

I just want to be your buddy, your release to freedom, your YOU.