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Image credits: Google images (montagueproject.com)

To me they run
When they feel need
And when they’re done
I’m but a weed

They drag me in
Through stores and aisles
They gaff and grin
While I count miles

In me they stuff
All they can find
They yank me rough
But I don’t mind

I’m left in pain
Alone I rot
In snow or rain
Or when it’s hot

They could park me
On green sidewalks
Instead they flee
As I skirt shocks

Cars glare and mock
Swear at my nerve
I pray they’d stop
Rather, they swerve

What did I do
To hurt their pride
For them to shoo
And grunt and chide ?

I wish they’d care
Be nice to me
With a smile to spare
On their buying spree

Now here I stand
On this road I dwell
For another hand
To push me to hell