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Warm night ahead us lay
With mystery in the air
‘Hey You’, I heard him say
Catching me unaware

Tasting music in a dose
Lulled vanity and strife
High Hopes within me rose
I was Coming Back To Life

In Freedom and through light
The lasers played their game
Flashing rainbows in the night
No! I was not insane

Rooted Comfortably Numb
Afore The Wall of sounds
I watched the maestro strum
As he rocked on Palace Grounds

On every thump of bass
A Pulse and then a swoon
Sending me on a chase
To The Dark Side Of The Moon

His weapons of mayhem
To whom we bowed and cried
But was it Us Or Them
Whose hearts were filled with pride?

Eight years in Time have passed
Since this mega display
But in me it’s Echoes last
Like it were yesterday