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An orange sun, a morning glow
Amid boxes, set in a row
Your looming shadow across the flow
Twists a lip, raises a brow

Blue skies, a cloudless sight
Vivid pictures painted bright
Your angles sharp, they scream of might
They make me weak, and my head so light

Misty airs, hanging high
Casting patterns on windows dry
But scenes beyond, they speak no lie
You reach out to me and make me sigh

When rains hit hard and moods are grey
When dull and tired define the day
You wisely look to me and say
‘Wear grins and smiles, toss gloom away’

Zillion vibrant lights surround
Some afloat, some on ground
You make them proud, you are the crowned
And by your spell, I find me bound

You tease, you charm, you mock, you lure
Of your intent, I’m not too sure
You make me bold and yet demure
Each look at you stirs up senses pure

You truly live up to your name
With methods deft, you ace your game
Standing tall, with your grace and fame
Oh grand Empire, you put the rest to shame