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Amid the monotony of events that defined the pace of that evening, I saw a lucid exception –
a burst of color,
a buzz of activity,
the dazzle of a diamond,
a flurry of floating flakes,
a skyful of glittering specks,
a multitude of racing thoughts,
the streak of a rainbow,
a demanding driver,
a red sea of flashing tails,
the glow of tomorrow’s sun,
a skyscraper ablaze in neon,
a gush of emotions
– only to realize it was a solitary raindrop clinging onto a sheet of glass;
the same raindrop that endured the deafening claps of thunder and the electric bolts of lightning,
that escaped the obese grey bubbles of gloom,
that hurled itself through layers of air, smog and noise
and chose to taste its heaven on the windshield of my car…