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I grin along, giving a nod
When you and I, we strike a cord
But when you speak words I dissent
A cold shrug to you is my present

Regrets and sorrows well up my eyes
Ridding of them, I heave some sighs
But depths of passion resting within
Surge up bringing my wrath therein

On the porch, my eyes on none
Dreaming in space, all woes I shun
You speak to me of payments due
And here I sit, looking right through you

The sign of love that Cupid sends
To my face a blush it lends
It makes me blink, and stop to wonder
Is this my path, or just a blunder…

In moments of life, when all’s a haze
I stutter and strive, I’m in a daze
And from the realms of my mind
Those awkward thoughts make my teeth grind

With a twinkle in my eyes I smile
As you trip over in the aisle
My expressions make me what I am
These are for real, and not a sham