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Closing my eyes I pray so hard
Afore all friends, to pull the right card
They think I am being so slick
Its nothing but a plain old trick

Cocooned is it in an early phase
Voracious in its younger days
And yet when it emerges out
Vividity is the butterfly’s clout

This rivulet flowing all year long
In spring it sweetly sings its song
The summers fail to run it dry
When the world’s gone cold, it does not shy…

The mystic chords that sing a tune
Your voice as calm as the moon
In glimmering fragments with the song
And joined together and spun along

When sleep opts to stay away from me
I lie in bed, with shut eyes I see
The spirits of gloom dance before my eyes
And slumber sets in amidst my sighs

Oh fervid longings, thoughts and fancies
How few of all your spirit-lances
They tread the city of the soul
And arrive where glory’s trumpets roll!

A hand that rests above us all
That snaps a finger, and we rise or fall
All we do needs just a flick
I can’t help but wonder what makes us tick

Its but an illusion of divinity
Minds fold into voids of inanity
The brainwashing ‘white’ idea of life
Unto our lives we invite much strife