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It was just another day
Of triviality
Whose memories may fray
Yet scream of clarity

And then it all began
I knew not how things ran..

Greetings were tossed across
In the bright hours of morn
To whom, I’m at a loss
The names, not to me dawn

But so little did I care
For he was always there..

Li’l glimpses of each other
That was all we had
But there was no bother
And it never made me sad

Things did take a turn
And the shyness was to burn..

We did make quaint remarks
Or pull the other’s leg
It often threw off sparks
And spiced up like nutmeg

Never did I realize
What’s to materialize..

He made to me one day
An offer, a surprise
I had no word to say
And accepted as a prize

It sure was a new dawn
And this story still goes on..