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I love the morning dew, such freshness it does bring
The chirping of the birds, reminding of sweet spring
But I lie there fast asleep, with dreams and loud snoring
And I will not jog with you, for my clock it does not ring

Sir I say I have, reasons for being late
Sometimes it is the time, and sometimes its the date
Oh please entice me not, I won’t take the bait
I’m not to be honored, the pie goes to my fate

Lunch it ne’er happens, nor tea with you I take
I work all night and day, and its only for your sake
Don’t punish me so hard, or faces at me make
And curse me not my love, for my boss he takes the cake

Gymnasium’s my temple, with slim deities I envy
But the doors of which are just, for my back to see
My body pokes my skin, though “healthy” it may be
Don’t throw your glares at me, Oprah makes me watch TV

I may not care a bit, for how I am percieved
The impression it lasts, and a whiner I’ve been deemed
Excuses I turn to, are never once believed
I must do as I’ve said, and then I’ll be relieved