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It is a halo…

With not a whisper lost in the wind
Or a shadow bidding goodbye
Like the glowing aura of sunlight
Greeting a dreamy eye

It is a star…

Gazing at me with floods of light
That has to it no par
I wish ‘pon it that we be
As one, though near or far

It is a sculpture…

Nesting itself within my soul
My life its ivory
I pose before my mind that sculpts
Figurines for me to see

It is a cloud…

Soft as if made of feathers
To cushion my weary head
With a smile dancing o’er my lips
I rise with no tear shed

It is a monk…

Seated in silence on my palm
Me under his scrutiny
He guides me through paths unknown
That’ll make my destiny

It is an ocean…

With waves of chance and depths of hope
She lures me to her side
Lashes at me, and yet she seems
Tranquil at either tide

It is a bud…

Nourished with this yen for life
And a face without a scar
It blossoms when I want it to
Into the prettiest flower

It is an angel…

That like a moon on mid-summer’s night
Is a bride hid in a veil
Who reigns the heart as emperor
And tells to me a tale