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A cup of tea can do so much
With dancing swirls of haze
It brings us closer, helps us cheer
And introspect and gaze…

We cherish moments of reason
And those sans sanity;
Tis fragments such as these of which
Dreams all humanity

We have our wishes one so many
Some live on, others fray
Yet all that matters most to us
We seldom ever say

We call ourselves brave warriors
And dreamers of all dreams
Daring to think what others don’t
By solitary streams;

We venture into galaxies
And hoist flags to our pride
Yet the bravest place for one to stand
Is by the other’s side

You are my best and truest friend,
So close as you can be,
On whom I can forever depend
Cuz you’re so much so like me.

Regimental pelicans in flight
Wipe clouds and leave no trace
Whats left behind is a night so bright
Spilling moonlight on her face

As night falls and darkness looms
I close my eyes and pray
That you will still be by my side
At the dewy break of day.

I wonder why the night sky holds
To us a lasting charm
It twinkles and smiles back at us
And then gives way to morn

Oft silence has the loudest noise
And actions mean the least
The deeds, they fade into the night
Quiet lingers in the mist

The eyes speak what the lips can’t say
And sometimes even more
They travel oceans’ depths for you
While keeping you on shore…

Despite the constant race with time
With life and death akin
We hope to soar up to our best
Like kites against the wind

I may not build you mountains high
Or catch a rainbow fair,
But let me be what means so much,
A friend that spares no care

Pray read to me a verse or two
Simple and yet heartfelt
That soothes this restlessness within
And makes anxiety melt

The sun with all its orange glow
Is a gift for one to prize
It makes one see so vividly
In the shadows of the eyes

Truth with all its strength and grace
Has spiteful clarity
But its one’s own perception that makes
His life’s reality

In vain attempts to break all chains
Just so one can be free
One binds the mind with cords so harsh
And fails to let it be

Quit looking all around yourselves
In search of paradise
And take a peek inside your heart
For that’s where Eden lies